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Barrier Closure Delays
Please note that due to rising sea levels, there has been an increase in the number of closures of the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier during periods of astronomical high tides (New Moon, Full Moon, Spring Tides) and storm surges. These closures can be estimated but are not confirmed until 1-2hrs before the high tide of the day. When these closures occur during time of departure or arrival in New Bedford, they may cause delays in our schedule of 1-2 hours. We do NOT know in advance of a confirmed closure until the last 1-2 hours before the high tide, when the Army Corp of Engineers will make an announcement.
Visit the NOAA Hydrologic Prediction Service website for New Bedford Barrier Tidal Predictions. These are predictions, actuals will vary.

General Weather Note: If severe weather is predicted, it is advisable to call in advance of departure for possible scheduling changes.

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